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If you try to be more competitive in your business it is time to implement IT systems, they can reduce faults, minimise time for administrative tasks with you staff, leaving more time to consult clients etc. Use one database instead of numerous Excel tables.
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We do not know all, but we have a great expertise in most sectors of IT and tourism industry. Find out how we can assist you.

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Our process

We design, build and support websites and software for clients worldwide. We make your business stand out. Interested? Let's chat.
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    We listen to what you say, helping defining your needs and ways to fulfil them. In discussions we can find out what is possible from the technical and financial side. Depending on the projects' size we either define a timeline or a project schedule together, setting milestones and jump into the rough planning and afterwards the detailed engineering.

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    For websites we start with a research for good pictures and texts about the customer in advance, we will do the design and implement functionality. From simple websites to online stores or booking features, everything is possible. Programs are more complex, we build first prototypes to give you a look & feel, keeping you to date and requesting feedback.

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    Before we go into real production, we have to make sure everything is running smooth and according to your needs. This includes bug-fixes, maybe some changes or even a first update. Beyond this we will do the training for people involved and the support for the product. Periodically we will request feedback and if necessary implement updates.

Get the ultimate website and learn how to grow your audience or the program for your daily processes and feel the higher efficiency.

Website or software tool - it does not matter. Stand out of the crowd either by getting more audience means more customers or beat the competitors with better prices due to higher efficiency.

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The team

Get to know the people behind JD Software Develpment. Our creative and technical team.

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